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Flood Ready

Flood Ready Vermont contains information and resources regarding flooding and proactive steps to take to become flood resilient. They provide information on natural flood protection (river corridors and forest cover) as well as information on improving infrastructure (culverts, roads, and weakened buildings).

River corridors are an important part of managing water quality and preventing erosion. A river corridor includes the river channel as well as a buffer zone on land of 50 feet. This additional space is necessary as the water flow shifts and water levels rise. Infrastructure within the river corridor boundaries have a higher chance of being affected by erosion and flooding due to the natural changes in the environment. By protecting large and broad corridors along rivers with a “meandering” path, rivers tend to be more stable, and dramatic shifts and accelerated erosion is less likely to happen.

For more information on Flood Ready or other resources related, visit the State of Vermont Flood Ready site.