NVDA Annual Meeting - September 25th at Jay Peak Resort

NVDA's 2014 Annual Meeting will be held at Jay Peak Resort on September 25th, 5:00-8:00 PM [ Read More ]

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Serving Our Communities and Businesses in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

NVDA Staff

David Snedeker, Executive Director, 748-8303 dsnedeker@nvda.net


Gail Aloisio, Planner, 424-1419, galoisio@nvda.net


Shannon Bedor, Admin. Assistant/Prop. Mgr., 748-1220, shannon@nvda.net


Judy Butson, Business Manager, 748-1222, Judy.Butson@nvda.net


Jim Greenwood, Economic Development/Newport, 802/334-5861, jgreenwood@nvda.net


Lorna Higgs, Project Manager, 424-1421, lhiggs@nvda.net


Alison Low, AICP, Senior Planner, 424-1418, alison@nvda.net


Tracy McIntyre, GIS Specialist, 424-1422, tracymcintyre@nvda.net

Bruce Melendy, Emergency Management Specialist, 424-1420, bmelendy@nvda.net

Doug Morton, Senior Transportation Planner, 748-1221, morton@nvda.net


Irene M. Nagle, AICP, Senior Planner, 424-1423, inagle@nvda.net