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Roads in the Northeast Kingdom


Roads range in quality from what you see in the photograph to the left, a class 1 town highway, to what you see on the right, a class 4 town highway. Your simple, peaceful Vermont local road is a class 3 road. A class 2 town highway is the major connector between high activity centers in a town. For pleasure driving and biking, you'll find class 3 and 4 roads your best bet.

Class 4 roads aren't maintained by towns. Some of them are only consistently negotiable with a four wheel drive vehicle. Others may provide bicyclists a joyful excursion into Vermont's backcountry. There are 2,546 miles of roadway in the Kingdom, 18% of all roads in Vermont. Sixty percent of them are unpaved. Check out the current conditions of the regions roads.

Highway Maintence Districts

The Vermont Agency of Transportation, or VTrans, has divided Vermont into nine Highway Maintenance Districts. The Northeast Kingdom is served by districts six, seven, and nine. Grants and assistance are provided to towns through their respective Highway Maintenance District. NVDA can help you with grant applications and administration.