Road Pitch Finalists Announced

The four finalists seeking potential investors for their creative work are: Jason Shafer, Northwind Weather Technologies; Donna & Roger Pion, Biochar Waste Management; Andrea Kane, Shamdanna, Eco Bandana; and Regan Pride, The Freezer Butler. [ Read More ]

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Caledonia County

Danville Town population (2010 Census): 2,196; Danville Census Designated Place (Danville Village): 383. Danville has a Designated Village Center, approved by the State of Vermont Village Center Board, November 23, 2015. View the designation map here. To learn more about the benefits of Village Center designation, click here.

Contact Information

Town Clerk:   Wendy Somers
Town Clerk Office Hours:   Hours - Monday-Friday: 8:00-4:00


Phone:   802-684-3352


Address:   36 Route 2 West
Danville, VT 05828
View on Map:   map it with google maps



Town Documents

Town Plan:
      • Danville Town Plan

Zoning Bylaw:
      • See Town Website

Other Municipal Documents:
      • See Town Website

Town Data

Census 2010 Data:
      • Danville Town
      • Danville Village

American Community Survey:
      • Means of Transportation to Work by Selected Characteristics
      • Selected Economic Characteristics
      • Selected Housing Characteristics
      • Selected Social Characteristics

VT Housing Data:
      • General Housing Profile and Affordability Indices

Town Maps

Town Plan Maps:

Zoning Bylaw Maps:

Other Maps:

Traffic Counts

2015 Traffic Counts
• Danville15_BrainardSt_SofVillageRd
• Danville15_NDanvilleRd_NofHawkinsRd


2013 Traffic Counts
• Danville13_JoesBrookRd_NofMorsesMillRd
• Danville13_MorsesMillRd_WofJoesBrookRd


2012 Traffic Counts
• Danville12_KeiserPondRd_EofUSRte2
• Danville12_WaldenHillRd_NofUSRte2


2011 Traffic Counts
• CormierRd_NofDoleHillRd
• JamiesonRd_NofUSRte2


2010 Traffic Counts
• JoesBrkRd_NofMorsesMillRd
• McDowellRd_NofNDanvilleRd
• McReynoldsRd_NofNDanvilleRd
• MorsesMillRd_EofJoesBRkRd
• WheelockRd_atWheelockTL


2009 Traffic Counts
• VTRte2B_WofTrestle


2008 Traffic Counts
• BrainerdSt_SofMountainViewDr
• HillRd_NofUSRte2
• NDanvilleRd_NofHawkinsRd
• RailroadSt_SofParkSt


2007 Traffic Counts
• VTRte15_WofUSRte2
• VTRte2B_SofUSRte2